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The Fun! Factor

    QBIX is a revolutionary new gaming platforms where up to 6 players cans choose their game and complete their missions as a team - social gaming at is best on its giant 39 foot long 270 degree wrap around screen



    (more games coming soon!)


    Fright Maze


    QBIX can be described as a “social gaming experience” / “social gaming box” / “multi-sensory adventure” “immersive multiplayer game”... “where you and your friends can step in, grab your controller, and play games in a fun and immersive environment. How is it immersive? Well, the floor will vibrate and blasts of wind will take you by surprise! And the fun part? No VR headsets, but full immersion! Try it out!” More on the 5D Effects: The motion floor is your ticket to feeling the pulse of the immersive adventure you're diving into. Picture the thrill of an explosion, the rush of flying, or the sensation of a spaceship crash - the motion floor brings these experiences to life. With added wind blasts, you'll find yourself fully immersed in it, whether you're soaring through the Alien spacecraft or exploring the Pack-a-Boom Maze. These immersive elements don't just add realism, they inject pure excitement into every moment of the game. Get ready to be blown away by QBIX's multi-sensory adventure! In QBIX, you and your friends become the stars of the show, seeing each other's excitement in real-time. As you engage in the 5-minute games, share laughter, and conquer challenges, you'll find that QBIX isn't just a game – it's a thrilling journey where your group becomes a tight-knit team. So, grab your friends, step into the action, and get ready for unforgettable moments of fun and connection!"